Oldtown Search and Rescue

Hans Hansoff in Distress

The party was summoned to the Delvers guild for a standard S&R mission. They were told that Hans Hanson a child of the famed Dirk Hanson was lost in the dungeon somewhere. Hans was much to inexperience to actually have afforded rescue insurance but it seemed that when he took up adventuring his father, a famous arena gladiator, had footed the bill for the insurance. Unfortunately the party and the delvers guild had no idea where Hans had been headed. Asking around they found that since he had changed vocations from songwriting to delving he had started hanging out at the Ghostly Minstrel. The party went there to ask around but it was really early in the morning so the Minstrel was mainly empty. They found a janitor who had seen Hans in there the night before with a priestess from Petunia’s Palace of Pleasure, a brother/temple located on the Temple row in Old Town. Traveling to Petunia’s they were welcomed inside and attended to lavishly. They managed to track down the woman who had been seen on Hans’ arm last night and got some information from her. It seemed the temple used a certain herb with pleasure enhancing qualities. Recently the tax collectors had imposed a huge tariff on this particular herb. The tariff was so high that merchants stopped stocking the herb. Hans, who loved the pleasure enhancing qualities of the herb, vowed to his lover/whore/priestess, aka Trinia, that he would find her some of the herb. It turned out that the seeds of the herb were ingested whole and mainly passed through the bowels of the imbiber whole. Trinia’s divinations had led her to believe that the herb existed in the sewers of Ptolus. Likely, downstream somewhere from the brothers and temples that utilized it. The party went to the closest sewer access and descended into the sewers looking for Hans. Strangely they found tracks heading upstream but none downstream. They decided that Hans would have headed downstream so they went that way. Coming to a large whirlpool at an intersection they were attacked by a carrion crawler. The half orc sisters decided to take a swim in the sewers to avoid the monster while the rest of the party managed to kill it. The catfolk took the brunt of the attack. Deciding that Hans didn’t likely make it past the carrion crawler the party reversed course and decided to follow the tracks. After several hundred feet they found a secret door ajar in the side of the sewers. Behind it they found a very tight (small sized) spiral staircase heading into the deep. Jackie, the half orc, headed down the staircase with a rope tied around her waist. She saw several small passages off to the side but avoided those. Eventually she was surrounded by goblins. These goblins were much more mobile on the small stair and managed to bring the half orc down. The party tried to rescue Jackie but were cut off by more goblins. A fight ensued and when it ended the party found themselves on their last legs. Strangely some of the goblins had dragged Jackie’s body off. The catfolk followed the trail of the half orc with his keen sense of smell and found a secret door low in the tunnel wall. Inside it they found a goblin hiding with Jackie’s body. They managed to make him surrender and intimidated him into telling them what happened to Hans. It seemed that Hans and his crew had been captured and taken to the Dark Market to be sold as slaves.

XP 1250



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